Soliaura Ingredients was founded with the strong belief. The belief was of a need, a strong need in the food market for quality living and pure eating. With growing health issues and vast medical supplements we came to consensus of being a one stop shop to Nature. Starting from a bud size of supplies, today Soliaura’s vast and diverse range of food products promises to give back to this world the purity Mother earth gives to us. Chemical and Pest free food for consumption, creating a natural ecosystem, restoring it back to where we started from. The rich tradition of Soliaura brings to you a wholesome collection of Spices and Grains thereby help fulfil the need to provide a better living. We blend the best of qualities with the help of experts from the interiors of the field and bring the most refined quality of food. Through indigenous farming techniques with contemporary blends to bringnauthentic and affordable products to today’s consumers. Our endeavour is to provide customers with fine products which help support and encourage good Farmers. The products we provide are sourced from 100 of acres of Farms. Soliaura Ingredients works closely with Farmers by providing various inputs including quality control, access to and production coordination. The vision continues to be to maximize the use of organic products in daily consumption, whether it is blend in food, main food or just supplements to daily requirements.