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Welcome To Soliaura 

Welcome To Soliaura The Purity of Soil, The Beauty of the Nature and the Quality of Produce is all that make Soliaura Ingredients. Over hundreds of acres of cultivation brought to you with utmost care and love. Soliaura Ingredients is a symbol of Guarantee that helps people to improve their eating and wellbeing. Soliaura Ingredients, is an integrated business entity, which has been in Farming, Processing, Private Labelling And Export of Food Commodities. For many years we have been working towards bringing healthy and natural Commodities from remote parts of the world to the likes of many who are willing to contribute towards the social upliftment of society. Today, Soliaura has the reputation of being the most reliable Food Supply Chain Partner for global buyers, with a presence at various locations across the world.


Our Journey 

Soliaura Ingredients was founded with a strong belief. The belief was of a need, a strong need in the food market for quality living and pure eating. With growing health issues and vast medical supplements, we came to a consensus of being a one-stop shop for Nature. Starting from a bud size of supplies, today Soliaura’s vast and diverse range of food products promises to give back to this world the purity Mother earth gives to us. 


The rich tradition of Soliaura brings to you a wholesome collection of Spices and Grains thereby helping fulfil the need to provide a better living. We blend the best of qualities with the help of experts from the interiors of the field and bring the most refined quality of food. Through indigenous farming techniques with contemporary blends to bring authentic and affordable products to today’s consumers.

Our endeavour is to provide customers with fine products which help support and encourage good Farmers. The products we provide are sourced from 100 of acres of Farms. Soliaura Ingredients works closely with Farmers by providing various inputs including quality control, access to and production coordination. The vision continues to be to maximize the use of organic products in daily consumption, whether it is blended into food, main food or just supplements to daily requirements.


To generate employment, alleviation, Extension of the production area of food farming and setup of a variable market network.

To provide safe, healthy food to all fellow human beings by adopting sustainable farming.

Soliaura Ingredients is built on the reputation of quality, reliability, innovation and trust. We work with hundreds of families of farmers who cultivate thousands of acres of land with organically grown crops.

Our mission is to be the best in all that we do, providing superior products and services to our customers and the opportunity for a better future for our farmers.

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Producing safe, high-quality, and nourishing food are fundamental to our company's very existence.



Just like you and your customer we care about where our food comes from and how and how it has been produced. That's why we offer complete traceability on all our products, from farm to store.


Effective Service 

We believe in investing in the right technology, equipment and people, which means we can offer you friendly, reliable and efficient service from the time you place your order until the moment it arrives at your door.

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Products Quality 

Producing safe, high-quality, and nourishing food are fundamental to our company's very existence.

Food safety starts on the farm, where we have a rigorous system in place to cultivate organic products. It continues at the processing plants, where we have a strict in-house quality control system from designing, cleaning, processing and packaging to the final shipment of the product.

We guarantee that our product will stand up to the toughest standards of the food industry and will meet the highest technical and food safety standards.


Healthy breakfast

Organic Breakfast

Eating a healthy breakfast habitually has been directly linked to better concentration among children as well as adults.

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Our bodies constantly repair themselves, and to do so effectively; they require proper support in the form of sufficient nutrition.


Glycemic Index

The glycemic index (GI) ranks carbohydrate-containing foods according to how quickly they affect blood sugar levels.


The Organic Way of​ 

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